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Ai-Non Baby Breast Pump & Infant Nurser

《Product Introduce 》:

Style no:AN-116
Ai-Non Baby Breast Pump designed is multi-purpose that 
can helps mother to extract breast milk for baby more
easy、sanitary and convenient. 
Ai-Non Baby Breast Pump is produced from top grade
polycarbonate (PC) material that exceed United States
F.D.A. standard food specifications. Clear, light and
unbreakable. Can be sanitized. This product is easy to use,
and offer mother a safe hygienic way of pumping milk.
Material : BPA-free Polypropylene (PP) material
ring cover- Polypropylene(PP)
Made in Taiwan
Usage instruction
Put the inner pump firmly against your breast between a
seal should form , sightly drawing outer pump downward
to produce suction that will allow the milk to flow into the
breast pump, than push up outer pump .repected above 
After milk is collected outer pump, pull out the inner pump.
Then endlong put on the table, assembling the nipple
and ring cover that can be feeding your baby.
Thoroughly clean inside breast pump and nipple using a 
cylinder brush. Then, sanitize by boiling in open pan of
water for 5 minutes before and after used.
To avoided the milk overbrim, please as far as possible
using breast pump downward