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Ai-Non Baby 3D Pre-sterilized Breast Milk Storage Bags

《Product Introduce 》:

Style no:AN-1191
Completely sterilized with Gamma ray and conforms to
Food Hygiene Regulation.
 Innovative 3-dimensional design, this self-standing  
storage bag is easy to use
Design with leak-Proof Zipper at top that provides secure
storage and is convenient to open and seal.
Double apertures that facilitate the pouring of milk or other
Material : Exterior:NYLON
Heat-resistance : -20℃~90℃
Contains 25 Pre-sterilized bags
Label: 25 pcs
Made in Taiwan
Usage instruction
Tear open horizontally along the arrowhead direction at the
to Use fingers to gently pinch the top of zipper and pull
open the bag . Please do not insert fingers into the bag or
blow to the bag.
Use one hand to hold the top of the bag and keep it open.
Use the other hand to pull the bag downward
Than leave the bag standing on the table, and pour breast
milk into the bag slowly.
Place the bag so it is standing on the table. Then use one
hand to hold both sides of bag to open, and the other
hand  to slowly pour breast milk into the bag.
Please do not exceed the labeled red line.
Slowly squeeze air out of the bag and use fingers to seal
the zipper tightly
Centered with the zipper, fold up three times and seal. Affix
with bag label.clearly mark the date and capacity on the
label to avoid confusion later.
Please do not use the same bag more than once.
Please do not re-refrigerate any of unused breast milk after
it is thawed.Left-over milk should be discarded
Please do not insert fingers into the bag or blow to the bag
to prevent any possible contamination.