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Ai-Non Baby Mosquito Repellent patch

《Product Introduce 》:

Style no:AN-540
It is made up of pure nature citronella and technology of
high polymer nanometer.
It is natural and mild ingredient , do not contain DEET, US
3M produces adhesive.
Made in Taiwan
Natural citronella essential oil. Nanometer mosquito
repellent element. Essence of natural lemon. US 3M
produces adhesive
Packing: 12 patched/ 2 pouch, 2 pouch / box
Diameter: 3cm/ patch
Made in Taiwan
Using Instruction
Peel off the patch from its backing and attach on a clean
and dry area of clothing or item. The environmental 
temperature will affect performance of the adhesive.
Do not stick on the skin.
Remove the patch after 72 hours to prevent marking on the
clothes or items.